Sunday, September 11, 2011


Number 454 is a blend of the vibrations and energies of number 4 and number 5, with number 4 appearing twice, amplifying and magnifying its influences. Number 4 resonates with patience, truth and integrity, practicality, working steadily towards goals and aspirations, system and order, self-initiation, building solid foundations and enthusiasm coupled with determination. Number 4 also relates to the energies of the Archangels. Number 5 resonates with major life changes, making important choices and decisions, promotion and advancements, adaptability and versatility, personal freedom and individuality, life lessons learned through experience.  

Create a plan for yourself and your life. List your short and long-term goals and find a strategy to achieve them. If you have an idea for a new project or business venture, or are considering a better job or career path, use your creative mind to establish a plan of action, then move to the next level of your life.

Angel Number 454 indicates that the ideas, thoughts, visions and desires you have been experiencing are an indication that it is time to prioritize your life and make the necessary changes in order to align yourself with your soul mission and true self. Look upon these changes with optimism and enthusiasm and trust that they will lead to wonderful opportunities for you to shine.

Angel Number 454 is a message that the angels are helping you with a current project that will bring necessary changes into your life. Your hard work and toil towards achieving your goals has brought about new opportunities for you to take advantage of. Know that these changes have been Divinely guided and are in alignment with your purpose and soul passion. Be open and receptive to these new changes and chances and look upon them as blessings and rewards for work well done.

Angel Number 454 is a message that the life changes ahead of you (or currently taking place) have been orchestrated by the angels and your Spirit Guide (or Guardian Angel). They have heard your prayers and positive affirmations and have witnessed you working towards achieving your goals and bringing positive changes to your life. As a result, your desires will come to fruition. Trust that all is going to Divine plan in your life.

Number 454 relates to number 4 (4+5+4=13, 1+3=4) and Angel Number 4.

Repeating 4’s and 5’s

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  1. I have been debating for a while whether or not I should get back into my spirituality, as it has led me down a dark path before, but last night I decided to go ahead. Today I decided I was beautiful, after a life of insecurity. I am making changes to be who I am and to be happy with who I am.

    1. Me too, thanks for sharing this with us

    2. Me too, thanks for sharing this with us

    3. You're supposed to go down the dark path its the only way to get on the other side... if u quit u have to do it all over again... never quit

  2. you lead yourself, it wasn't spirituality, you were supposed to stay away from angry negative people and other negative influences, becuase they will start to attack you and bring your love energy down.

    You can only manifest something positive in the world if you have created love energy.

    1. I agree with Walid. The energies we hold on to may stay with us so I'm glad that Anonymous has decided to make changes to be HAPPY. Anonymous please speak with love and positivity no matter what you are faced with so that your new path is better than the one had before.

  3. Most definitely!!! Your life is created by your thoughts your faith

  4. Most definitely you create your world by your thoughts and your faith remember we are spiritual beings

  5. I must say I'm glad I've found this page as I've got now the answer to something very weird, yet powerful, that happened to me last night.
    I was dreaming I was watching a film in which the actors were a mix of people I knew and real actors. The film was endless, and in my dream, I looked at the clock that showed 4:54. I hadn't realized so much time had passed by so I decided it was time to stop watching that meaningless movie as I was concerned I would not be fully functional for the coming day if I would keep watching...
    Now, the weird bit happened when I woke up later in the night to go to the toilet. I checked my phone and it was 4:54 am... Spooky.
    All morning I was kind of ''how can this be possible ? '', until I stumbled upon this page. This is all the more synchronicistic, as last night, before I fell asleep I talked to my guardian angel and spirits guides!
    Also, I had absolutely no idea 454 was an angel number.

    1. Isnt it beautiful to be on this journey of discovery. It's so mystical and mysterious, I'm glad to share this life adventure with you. This experience is eye opening and I'm grateful for Love. Love is bliss I love everyone here

    2. kisses
      roman candle

  6. I began to cry tears of joy when reading the last paragraph. I really have been working hard on my Mind Body and Soul.From balance, to past life regressions, and meditation and yoga. I am so excited! I was looking at a new home that is everything I have wanted and just spoke with someone about my LLC for my new business in Oracle Card Reading and Healing. I don't know what else to say accept thank you. EVERYONE!!!

  7. I'm trying to start a new business centered around my community. I have a few people in mind, I think will work well in the protect. I am scared to ask any of them. I don't want to be one of those people all fired up after tragedy with no follow through. That's what I love that this post was written on 911.

  8. Can people please write about how 454 has been a postive number for you

  9. I was drawn to the number by a song I was compelled to download. It stayed in my head. So I looked it up. I have been guided on my life path and had doubts. This was one of many other numbers that captured my attention to confirm I was on the right track and was being guided and assisted.

  10. Last night I had a dream I was with my bff watching football, and they played the einsteins remix ( I don't like football) when we were done I looked at the clock and it said 4:45 , and then 2 of my friends gave me gifts like we were bffs and walked off