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Number 229 is a compilation of the attributes of number 2 appearing twice, amplifying its influences and the vibrations of number 9. Number 2 resonates with faith and trust, grace and devotion, partnerships and relationships, balance and harmony, insight and intuition, and serving your Divine life purposeNumber 9 relates to the Universal Spiritual Laws, leading life as a positive example for others, responsibility, strength of character, a higher perspective and expansive viewpoint, benevolence, altruism and lightworking. Number 9 also denotes endings and conclusions.  

Angel Number 229 brings a message to have faith and trust in your intuitive messages and impressions, ideas, insights and visions as these messages and promptings are urging you towards and along your Divine life path and soul mission. Take positive action in the direction of your intuitive and angelic guidance and look to ways of achieving small goals on a daily basis to reach your true and full spiritual potential.

Angel Number 229 tells you to take positive action in the direction of your inner-passion and purpose as your natural lightworking abilities are much needed by others and the world as a whole. Trust that you have all the tools and talents you need to fulfill your role and soul mission.

Angel Number 229 may also be suggesting that if you have ‘lost’ something of late, the Universe is manifesting something positive and better to take its’ place. This may also relate to a situation or circumstance that may be coming to an end. Trust that a wonderful new beginning and/or direction will come of it.

Angel Number 229 can also indicate that if you are inclined to pursue a spiritually-based practice, career and/or profession or service-based venture, now is a most auspicious time to look to what interests you most, then pursue avenues that will lead you to fulfilling your aspirations. It is time to accept and develop your spiritual gifts and use them to benefit yourself and others in a lightworking capacity.

Number 229 relates to number 4 (2+2+913, 1+3=4) and Angel Number 4.

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  1. Joanne, do you have any insight about discerning negative manifestations from direct divine guidance? For example, I feared that my marriage was going to end, for no real reason, other than the fear. It is all I thought about. So every song on the radio was about divorce, every post or internet page I came across. Every angel number alluded to an ending. So I decided to stop fearing it and go with the flow. Now we are better than ever.
    Thanks for the work you do.

    1. Hello dear one! We do create our own realities as you may know. What we think and believe becomes what we say and do. The most powerful thing is in you. What you should think about is making a conscious decision to practice mindfulness. To use positive affirmations to create a better you and situations. An affirmation is a statement of what is now. I am perfect health is one. Conversely, I have a horrible memory is a negative affirmation. Choose to think and speak with positivity and optimism and you will soon see things change for the better! Many blessings to you!

  2. That is something you have to figure out on your own. Reason being, it is possible positive spirit is trying to show you or maybe it is evil in your mind. Regardless, if you believe in this positive Spirit and believe the evil will be pushed out, then you should see that it is real. Otherwise you need to get intuned with your strength in belief in this more. It seems you fear things to me and are allowing a draw of negative energy into your life3. Change this asap! Dont let fear guide your ability to to see the path, If it is true then it is not meant to be and you should be happy that something is better for you in the future. Be happy regardless the outcome and stop the fear in you and you will get the answers soon.

  3. j+jo+joa+joan+joann+joanne=214 right?

  4. I kept seeing this number, then yesterday I found a small sticker on my arm with that number on. I have no idea where it could have come from, but the message makes sense to me, thank you so much, love and light x

  5. Amen thank you Jesus and to my angels

  6. Hi, thanks for the article! I don't know why but I always happen to see 229 whether on time (especially in mid-mornings) and elsewhere like vehicle plate#s. I don't know what it is trying to tell me (apart the fact that it is my birthday).

  7. I need help in one of a few people in the world whose heart is located on the right side of my chest not only that I'm like a mirror of a normal human being every internal organs are on the opposite side so I started encountering number 229 but I can't understand the message my life has not been smooth I'm a drug addict and I wish to see the light and change my life to a better person help me understand the meaning of 229 I've encountered this number many times since 2014 till now it has been 6 years please help I'm from kenya

  8. I've encountered no 229 since 2014 6 years now but I don't know the message please help I'm a person with dextrocardia my heart is located on the right and I'm 23years from kenya

  9. I keep hoping that i can find like minded persons who also want a second chance in this workd and help me build a microfarm community while learning to live better. Ive also have had a dental problem and cant find a dentist to help me. Please email me and maybe 229 will help us to thst netter place.

  10. I am trying to find a person or group moving towards oneness. This is my only path. One that helps others.

  11. Wow!!! Thanks alot Angels...#1Fan Great Things are ahead Yay!!!

  12. As insightful as a horoscope. Its only meaningful if you want it to be. No such thing as angels

  13. Thank you 🙏