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Number 86 is a compilation of the vibrations and energies of number 8 and number 6. Number 8 brings its energies of manifesting wealth and prosperity, achieving success and material freedom, inner-wisdom and inner-strength, personal authority, patience, discernment and good judgement, giving and receiving and Karmathe Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect. Number 6 resonates with love and devotion to home and family, service to others, the monetary and financial aspects of life, grace and gratitude, provision and providing, compromise, honesty and integrity, empathy, sympathy and self-sacrifice.  

Angel Number 86 is a message from your angels that a material possession or item is due to leave your life, and it will be your choice as to whether you wish to part with it or not. Make a point of adjusting your thoughts and mind-set if you do not want to lose your possession/s.

Alternatively, when Angel Number 86 appears it can be a message that if you have intentions of selling and/or being rid of something in your life (eg. a possession or personal item) this will come about quickly. It is time to offload to ‘old’.

Angel Number 86 is also a message from the angels that your prayers about your home and family life, as well as your monetary situation, have been heard by the angelic and spiritual realms. Trust that your prayers will be answered and your wants and needs will be met. Have faith and trust that the angels are working behind the scenes to ensure that you have all that you need to sustain and maintain you in your life. You are well loved, supported, encouraged and protected, always. Keep your thoughts and mind-set focused on your spirituality rather than the monetary aspects of your life, and release all fears of lack and loss as blessings are on their way into your life.

Number 86 also relates to number 5 (8+6=14, 1+4=5) and Angel Number 5.

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  1. Could this also mean a person might leave your life?

    1. I believe so. Seems to resonate to me and my circumstance atm.

    2. I want my emotionally abusive husband out of my life but he's still hoovering me and our son while still wanting his mistress and their kid. I want all of them gone my son's and my life for good.

      And there's a friend of mine that I care about very deeply and I'm afraid he's moving away and won't even see me. I think he wants me to instantly *poof* have a divorce even though he knows I'm poor and traumatized and have PTSD and was gaslighted for decades. He also knows I'm in love with him. I know who I want in my life. I saw 86 three times this morning and came this site again. Mark, wherever you are, come back please.

    3. I am using my Hubby's email address but I hope you got this figured out, Carla! That time of 2018 was quite a challenging energy!! Sending much love and healing energies over. My YouTube and Facebook are under Serenity Vocalized if you want to connect...
      -Serina in NH

  2. Last summer I was planning on giving up my puppy named Angel and to put her in for adoption at an animal shelter. I love my puppy very much and I hate to see her go, but my living situation has forced me to give her up for adoption. I was afraid to put her in the animal shelter because if they can not find her a home then they will put her to sleep. I kept seeing the number 86 for a couple weeks before I made my final decision. I trust the number enough that they will find her a good family so I signed her up. A family put an application for my Angel the next day after I signed her up at the animal shelter. I was amazed and shocked of how fast it started to work out for my baby Angel.

    At the same time my husband and I are separating too. I was losing my puppy because of my corrupted relationship. It was sad in the beginning, but I can see it now that one door is closing and another is opening for me. My husband and I are still seeing each other and our relationship is better than ever, even though a distance is between us.

    I thank Joanne a million times for this free website that I am able to consult anytime when I need to. I am consulting with your angel numbers everyday and it has giving me so much confidence and trusting the angels' guidance everyday.

    Many blessings of love and light to you in all that you do Joanne.

  3. Amazing, just amazing. I'm buying a new house before my old house is on the market, thank God I am able to do this, just, because in my circumstances, the balancing act with all the variables attached that people have to deal with when buying/selling and moving would destroy me, even with the angels' protection and intervention. I know they're with me, but I don't hop out of 20th floor windows when I need a breeze and assume they'll catch me, know what I mean? I am now agonizing over the closing date for the new place, I won't put this place on the market until I am physically out of it, and I'm starting to stress about paying two sets of bills. And guess what this number says? Thank you angels, thank you Joanne. The only thing I can't figure out is why they so often give me these marvelous numbers as part of nightmares.

  4. This is beyond strange, and it won't leave me alone and I think someone wants me to tell this story here, so with your indulgence, folks: I posted about 86 as part of a nightmare, the basic gist was my walking down flights of stairs in the NYC subway, from one platform to the next, looking for the AC or E train, all one line. I was at 42nd Street and I was heading for 86th, those were my two #s. I couldn't find the right train, I went to walk down one flight of stairs and it was a complete sheer drop, stairs carved into a flat surface, and when I got to the platform, it was buckled and I kept sliding toward the tracks...not fun. But good numbers. The next day, I went to see the film Art Bastard, it's a doco on the life of artist Robert Cenedella. I'm watching the opening titles, and he's in the subway, walking down all these flights to different platforms, signs for the same trains I was looking for. Two streets are mentioned in the film: 42nd and 86th. I will have an artroom in my new home, and painting and general creativity, service and spirituality are going to be the fostered atmosphere of the house. And here's the kicker for me: I did not know until I was at the theater that Mr. Cenedella was going to do a Q&A after the film. I got to meet him, he's very gracious and down to earth, even signed a film postcard for me, which will be hanging in the new home. And his approach to art as depicted in the film is also mine, which is not the popular approach, but no one will be making a film about me, I assure you! I know this all means something, I'm just not sure what.

    1. I love this and I'm so grateful you posted it.

  5. My Television jumped to a channel that did not exist. Okay this is what happened. I had my Television tuned at chanel "299"...mind you; "99" is my spirit aka personal/favorite number. At around 2:30 am my channel jumped to 9986 and when I pressed guide on my remote to see where I was at and what was airing on that channel it left me at Channel "1". So out of curiousity I punched in the numbers 9986 manually on my remote to take me back to that specific channel. Well it did not exist. It did not change and it left me on Channel "1". So Im thinking I got a Satellite code confused with being a channel. Well after further Investigation I found no code or channels with the number "9986".
    Almost 10 minutes after I stopped searching this weird channel, my phone lit up with text and phone calls from family and friends. Close to 3am now or just about, I answered my phone to people frantically telling me to turn to the news immediately as there was a terroist attack on the Las Vegas strip--killing over 50 and injuring over 200 people; going down as the biggest terroist attack in U.S.A history. My mother, sister, brother, friends, ect live and work in Las Vegas near or around the strip where the attack took place. Luckily no one I know of so far has been injured but my heart still cries and my soul still feels sorrow and sympathy for the unfortunate. Long story short...I am deeply rooted to the number 99. It is a spiritual number a rich symbolic number to me personally. However; "86" is unfamilar to me. So I looked into tje meaning of it spiritually; and it means loss. It means ending and loss yet it is the start of a new beginning. 99 means closeness with higher energy and power so to connect 86 with it makes such a shocking and breath taking revelation for me personally. My point in all this is that ...the message I got to give to all those impacted and aware of the Las Vegas Massacre that happend 10/02/2017; is that the rapture is not what you think or imagine it to be. Death is God and that is how the chosen will suddenly disappear. As like this shooting, the hurricanes, the earth quakes and other world tragedies. Do not weap or symp they are chosen...weap and sypm for those still here.

    1. God Bless you and have mercy on us all!

  6. Amen!!!❤👊💥
    Immensely blessed and grateful.
    Love,peace and Light to all!!!💥👊❤💫

  7. I keep seeing 86 everywhere and the description above doesn't apply to me at all, its actually starting to creep me out I wish someone could help.

  8. Praise God Lord Jesus thanks to my angels hallelujah

  9. Thanks be to Jesus thanks to my loving angels amen

  10. Thank you Abba Father Praise you Lord thank you Jesus

  11. I've been seeing 86 68 the likes for the past week or so and quite often and yes, I just got rid of loads of old documents. My neighbouts were having a bonfire today and I give them a huge page with old documents to burn.
    I trust that whatever it is meant to leave my life, will do with easy and without effort.
    Out with the old and in with the new. AMEN. Grateful and blessed.❤🙏

  12. Countless times. Trusting the process and choosing to remain present, in my here and now. Now.

  13. Infinity grateful 🙏 Endless love and blessings to us all❤✨🙌