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Number 41 is made up of the vibrations of the number 4 and the number 1. Number 4 service and devotion, practicality and responsibility, building solid foundations and achieving positive results. Number 4 also relates to our passion and drive. Number 1 relates to the energies of organization, achievement and success, tenacity and striving forward, new beginnings and attainment. This makes number 41 a number of practical thinking, instinctual knowledge and construction. It is a motivating number of hard work and initiative, success and achieving abundance.

Angel Number 41 indicates that the angels are available to assist you with your positive thoughts, wishes and desires. It is a message from your angels to remain very aware of your recurring thoughts, and the angels counsel you to make thoughtful and meaningful wishes at the moment, as they are being manifested into your life. Your will and effort as well as the energies of your angels will bring about what you have been working towards.

Angel Number 41 suggests that your thoughts are rapidly manifesting into material form and you are asked to keep a positive and optimistic attitude and outlook to ensure that you manifest ‘good’ into your life. Trust that your determination and hard work will bring you your desired results, and the plans you have put into action will bring success and fulfilment.

Angel Number 41 is a message that the angels are assisting you with aligning your vibrations with your life purpose and soul mission. Trust the work you are doing now, and have done in the past, will reap rewards as you serve your Divine purpose. Take action as you are guided.

Number 41 also relates to the number 5 (4+1=5) and Angel Number 5.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I have been seeing the number 41 all over the place for the past week or so. I see it in the time of day (5:41 PM), the calories I've burned (741 calories), or the number of miles to my destination (1.41 miles). It keeps happening over and over again, so it's interesting to see this has a meaning from the Angels. :)

  2. your not alone john, my angel is with me as well. it's funny because at first i thought that i was losing it and then i realized that my angel is there to let me know they luv me and they are there to help me and to stay positive. there's not a day that goes by that 41 does not's always appearing to let me know that when i'm ready to give into my wildest dream i can start now. It's most amazing actually.

  3. I see 41 so much i just realized i happen to post this at 10:41pm WOW~! Pray for me thanks and GOD BLESS.

  4. my angels show me through battery phone remaining. 41% at 14:41
    and the clock in my computer said 4:14, that is why I'm here...

  5. I looked up the number 41 because I got a scratch on my ankle from walking outside that looks just like the nunber 41 strange

  6. when importing frames into a gif animation for a hypersigil of sorts that I was working on, frame 41 got really messed up. This only happened with Frame 41, which looked perfectly normal in the raw file.

  7. I see 41 frequently for a while now and i don't know what should i do, mainly 41, but also -to a lesser extent- 31 & 51. Also something weird, is sometimes i see 40 and 42 (mainly on my phone's time) and i feel like a minute too early or too late, does this mean something? .. currently my life is falling apart to the point where i am seriously considering leaving the urban environment because its just too much stress and living on a farm or something. My father is dead and i got kicked out out of my home by my stepfather and my mother is on his side and i cant even get my inheritance because of some complications i cant bypass. i have a very invisible depressing disability
    because of ECT so i dont even have the brain power to face this and build myself. people have committed suicide because of this. Thank You Joanne. (sorry if i double posted)

    1. Have faith your Angels are with u! Let God lead your way and have faith!

    2. Juse know u r where u need to be for the best good, at any given moment.

  8. I've been seeking a sign from.....answers from the angels. Today, the number 41 appeared multiple times to me. So I searched and found this. I believe the angels heard me. Give thanks!!!

  9. I've been seeking a sign...answers from my angels. Something to let me know they are listening. Today, the number 41 appeared in my life several times. So I searched the meaning and found this site. I believe. The answer is clear. For that, I give thanks!!

  10. It's amazing how I just finished my homework and thought "ugh, I did it, finally, but I really didn't want to". And I looked at the clock, right when I was thinking this, and I saw 14:41, I searched the meaning (once again, because I've been seeing this number a lot) and angels were motivating me to work harder! Honestly, I've believe in them so much after this.

  11. OMG I know this is weird but im here bc my dog just ripped an EXACT 41 on a price tag on my im like shook bc im commenting this at 19:42 and thought of this at 19:41

  12. I left my ex husband April first of 2016... 41, buried my dad April first of 2017... 41 and just realized my dad was born 41.. also the morning my dad passed march 28 2017 I had made a Facebook post from march 28 2016 that talked about loss and staying strong in ones faith.. I wonder what it all means.. too much of coincidence for it not to have meaning..

  13. I was following my bf home and he passed my a speed tracker. It got him at 41 , I then got to it and was going the EXACT same 41 Mpr and the difference this time was it started flashing quickly. I knew then something was up with that number