Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Number 51 is made up of the energies and attributes of number 5 and number 1. Number 5 brings the attributes and energies of personal freedom and courage, adventure and expansion, making positive life choices, adaptability and versatility, resourcefulness, motivation and progress, major life changes and auspicious opportunities. Number 1 relates to new beginnings, ambition and tenacity, self-leadership and assertiveness, initiative, instinct and intuition, striving forward, achievement, success and attainment.

Angel Number 51 is a message from your angels to keep your focus on positive outcomes and remain optimistic about current life changes. These changes are necessary and your angels want you to know that they will be of long-term benefit to you and your loved ones. Trust that your angels are ensuring that results and outcomes will be positive and that you are safe and protected, always. Give any fears or worries to the angels for healing and transmutation and trust that all is going to Divine plan.

Angel Number 51 is a message that it is time to put your priorities in order and get to work serving your soul mission and life purpose. Our thoughts bring about our life circumstances and we create our own realities. Positive thoughts and actions bring about positive energy, so have faith in your own intuition and trust that the changes you make in your life will be positive and auspicious for you. 

Look forward to wonderful new beginnings.

Number 51 also relates to number 6 (5+1=6) and Angel Number 6.

Repeating 5’s and 1’s  (511, 515, 551, etc)
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  1. Thankyou! This lesson has run its full course now. I'm very grateful. Thankyou angels for your unconditional love and support during this time

  2. I think my message is telling me to keep going and that they are around watching the changes I am making and to keep going; not to lose momentum. Maybe even move up to the next level by raising vibration through better health.
    Love this site, Thank you!

  3. Thank you for this wonderful article.
    I am number 51. :)

    1. 51 is also the Royal Star Of Waterman! Aquarian in nature:)

  4. Thank you for getting this message to me...

  5. Thank you for getting this message to me...

  6. Thank you for this message. It has brought me comfort and warmth in a very dynamic time. Thank you for the support

  7. Dios te bendiga Joanne! Gracias. Este sitio es una bendición para mi. Que tu trabajo de luz ayude e ilumine a muchas más personas. Saludos desde México!

  8. Anytime I see synchronicity in numbers, I come here. Thank you for everything you do for others Joanne! :) Namaste and many blessings

  9. Today at 5:15pm, I was driving and noticed my mileage was at 15,151 and the audio player was at Track 51. I even snapped a picture. I came home and got a letter out of the mailbox (I rarely get mail), the sender's address was 5151. I'm in the process of moving and starting a new career. I admit it's scary starting over in a new place but now I take this as a good sign and feel more encouraged. Thanks.

    1. 7 sets of 51s delivered in rapid, and simultaneous succession. I expect all has gone very well. Cheers!

  10. Grateful !!!♥️🕊 Amen!!!♥️

  11. Thank you for everything.
    I had been very negative, but your sacred scribes helped me when a sudden suffering was so intense on February this year. I even considered a suicide like I had done before, but it was almost like a miracle had happened. I think it was a miracle. I had done affirmations like for two hours a day for a couple of days. I had various unusual signs like a green light that was too wide to be a shooting star, but which disappeared very quickly in a distant Eastern sky at night.
    This March was surely a happy month that was full of communications like you wrote, which were unusual for me. My year number of this year is 3.
    I think I seriously need to find a way to study abroad.
    Anyway I'm finally living my life and on my own. My life has turned in a much better way overall. I hope my 33 energy will contribute to anything good in the future.
    I think I died so many times in many possibilities so far, but me, here, is still alive.
    I still don't know what I'll do in my life, but I know I'll be alright from now on somehow.
    I could've died, killed myself so many times. I have nothing to lose in a way. I don't think I need to be afraid to live like I had been before. I'll be alright. I hope.
    Please wish for me so that I'll be able to do what I really want to do and need to do, not necessarily for my success.
    Thank you everyone and especially Joanne for your blogs' contents.

    1. Wow. What you said resonated with me on so many levels. I’ve been there. What you’ve said I’ve gone through. Thank you so much for having the courage to speak about it. I rarely ever read the comments all the times I reference this site. However, when I visited earlier tonight, I saw a post by Joanne that said try reading the comments to see... oh my gosh. Not that I think about it- I believe she said if they “resonate with you”, like I just wrote without realizing that. Whoa... anyways, I had 51 on my post it from last night that was part of a sequence I wanted to reference. So I did as Joanne advised and came across your comment. What you said, and things I’ve been through myself, are strikingly similar. There is, without a doubt in my mind, a reason why you are here; just like me. Just like everyone else. The simple fact that we are still alive, after various attempts, only emphasizes that. We have a purpose. A soul mission. A life path to follow. At the time you wrote this, it may not have been crystal clear. However, I’ll pray and send police energy your way @Shota. Please remember, think Hugh to soar high. Like attracts like. Remain positive, and positive shall be what remains. I wish you all the best in your endeavors. You’ll be in my thoughts. Thanks again for your courageous comment. Warmest wishes.

  12. Thank you I love your site. I’ve been seeing mirror numbers for months now & I just saw 15/51 on my phone so I wanted to find the meaning & this makes sense for me.

  13. All the times that I reference this site, I rarely view the comments. However, a little earlier tonight when I visited, I saw a post by Joanne that said try reading the comments. When I visited the site again and looked up 51, part of a sequence I wrote on my post-it last night to reference... I came across your comment. I can relate to you in so many ways @Shota. Especially in taking attempts at your life. The blessing is we are still here. We are continually evolving. We’ve been given another chance. In my instance, multiple. It seems you feel the same as I did; not knowing where exactly to go with life. However, happy to just be breathing. Grateful to just be alive. I see this post was April of this year. I really hope great things have happened since then. I wish you many blessings. Try to remember, think high to soar high. Positive attracts positive. Hope you’re well. Warmest wishes!!