Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Number 64 is a combination of the attributes and energies of the number 6 and number 4. Number 6 brings its vibrations of simplicity, gratitude and grace, service to others, guardianship, care and nurturing, domesticity, reliability and responsibility and the monetary and material aspects of life. Number 4 adds its vibrations of practicality, production, progress and management, building solid foundations for the self and others, devotion and application, determination and inner-wisdom.

Angel Number 64 is a message from your angels that you are to remain optimistic and positive about your financial and material issues as they are being taken care of by the angels and Universal Energies. Keep in mind that the negative energies of stress and anxiety repel the energies of prosperity and abundance, so the angels ask that you keep a positive frame of mind and release all worries to them. Trust that you are supported in all ways.

Angel Number 64 indicates that the hard work and effort you have put into your endeavours will have long-term benefits for you and your loved ones, and you are encouraged to keep up the great work. Know that your needs will be met due to your diligence and determination to succeed. You need to see yourself in a higher light (as your true self), and the angels are helping to boost your self-esteem and self-belief as your Divine mission requires that you be your authentic self to continue working at your most brilliance.  
Angel Number 64 is a message to stay grounded and focused, knowing that your angels surround and support you as you work on your Divine life purpose and path.

Number 64 relates to number 1 (6+4=10, 1+0=1) and Angel Number 1.

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  1. I was worrying for my life course so often because I had some bad experiences in my life and I also was worried if I will get a job and a job that I will feel ok there. I saw this number is vigilance state.

    1. The number six, and four. Has been coming to my attention now for a few weeks now. And I was wondering why? So tonight I just thought I'd google it. And what I found was amazing! Cause right now I am going threw a financial crissis. But now I know to just remain positive. Cause this to shall pass ��

  2. Thank you. You have confirmed my heart's vibration which resounds above the noise of this world. Bless you.

  3. I had a lucid dream a few nights ago and as I came to, I saw these numbers appear in the background:
    64 01


  4. Thank you so much, Joanne! <3

  5. This is great work, Joanne, thank you!

    What this number represents is a Humongous task,
    but it can be done. Consistency is the key, that which I am shifting into now.
    I hope you all do too!
    Peace be with You! :)