Friday, October 22, 2010

Repeating Angel Numbers - 6's and 4's (6644, 6664, 66444, 6464 etc)

When a 6 and 4 combination presents, your angels caution you that your focus is too much on the material world.  They ask you to surrender your worries to them in order for them to be able to intervene on your behalf.  The energy of stress and worry repels the Universal energies of abundance and prosperity; therefore, your angels ask that you keep a positive frame of mind and an optimistic attitude to enable your angels to work their magic in your life.



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  1. So today at work this lady in front of me was paying for her food and her total was $6.66. Then as I was walking to my table in the cafeteria a priest came out of nowhere! I asked a lady her phone number and the last four numbers were 6664, Someone called to provide a ssn and the last four were 6664. I was interviewing and another person had the last four of 6664. Any thoughts or advice?