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Number 71 is composed of the attributes and influences of number 7 and number 1. Number 7 contributes its energies of knowledge and understanding, inner-wisdom and intuition, philosophy and mysticism, spiritual awakening and awareness, spiritual development and enlightenment, psychic abilities, determination and persistence of purpose. Number 7 is also the number of good fortune. Number 1 adds its vibrations of new beginnings and starting afresh, creation and projects, pioneering and progress, self-reliance and activity, intentions and innovation, attainment and fulfilment, and creating your own reality.

Angel Number 71 indicates that you are a very powerful being and you are growing stronger and stronger in your spiritual development and awareness. You have been working steadily towards expanding and elevating your consciousness, and the angels ask you to persist on this path. Trust that you are being surrounded, supported and Divinely guided each step of the way.

Angel Number 71 is a message from your angels that your positive affirmations and optimistic attitude have manifested all that you need in your day-to-day life. The angels encourage you to listen to your inner-wisdom, intuition and angelic guidance, and take positive action towards the direction of your dreams.

Angel Number 71 is a message from the angels that you will experience good fortune which will lead to the manifestation of your heart’s desires. It is the energy of ‘just rewards’ and indicates that you are on the right path in every way. This number sequence is a sign that you have chosen your thoughts well and have made wise decisions and choices along the way. You are reminded also that the emotion of gratitude will speed the process of your manifestations, so remember to acknowledge and be grateful for all the blessings entering your life.

Number 71 also relates to number 8 (7+1=8) and Angel Number 8.

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  1. I have a dream I saw 7 10 on the clock as I drove a white R8.

    I awakened and jumped in the car for work. The thermostat was 71. Then later 7 17 on the clock.

    1. This morning when i looked at my cell phone my battery indicated 71 and my clock 7 17

    2. Same here.. Which brought me to read upon it. My battery was 71% and the time was 17.17.. I was just like... How odd

    3. Same here. Which lead me to read upon it. My battery was at 71% and the time displayed was 17:17.. I thought, how odd.

    4. The reason why I looked this up is because me and my ex had a connection stronger than anything it was like we shared the same soul and most of the time when I was with her and I checked the time 71 minutes woulve always passed like 1:11,2:22,3:33,4:44,5:55 and so on. Very interesting

    5. My phone just screws me. I just typed a huge reply. I checked 7171 because I thought that's wild so it looks like its doubled as if to say yes this really happening pay attention. Well the wild part is you just put a huge piece of the puzzle into my reality. Because My son was born at 3:33 am. I see 11:11 1:11 2:22 all the triples at different times. I watched a video the other day about 11:11 and clicked to watch it at 11:11. Another video touched my screen it was 11:11 12 minutes long and I finished watching at 1:23 am with means I started watching it at 1:11 right when my phone screws me I was submitting it was 5:55 crazy huh

  2. I am the same poster who had the dream of the R8.

    Today on the return trip from work, I saw 71 seven times, 77 once, and 777 once.

    1. Just know that you are truly blessed Anon who are seeing numbers 71 77 and 777 :)

    2. I know I just got a huge piece of the puzzle. 7171 I feel it. I see the triple digit numbers. Only recently did I tell someone. She gave me this link. The 1:11 and 11:11 are my most common. But the 71 minutes apart up the scale amazing. This is the mostinformative sight about numbers I have seen. I'm paying real close attention now. I have 210 innit phone number twice. Time to find out what that means.

  3. Joanne
    is it possible that one of my angels is my uncle who passed 10 years ago.
    i am asking this question because i dreamnt i was being attacked by two cats and my uncle came out with a pipe a hit the one cat and the other left out of fear?
    i have been going through troubled times and i havent had any support from my next of kin.. my uncle nevet had kids of his own and he was like a dad to most of us kids...

  4. Thank you so much, Joanne! <3

  5. The number '71' has been continuously appearing in my life, whether it is on my phone battery, laptop battery, number of photos I upload, the time.... It is just a number I always see. Being a very superstitious girl, I knew this number was telling me something and making me notice it and look into it. I would love to know a bit more about the number '71'. Thanks

  6. The number 71 has been continuesly appearing in my life. Whether it is always the number I see on my phone battery, laptop battery, amount of photos uploaded or on the time. I am a very superstitious girl and knew that this number is calling out to me and most definitely means something. I would love to know a bit more about this number.

  7. Joanne, i had a dream about being possessed but i overcame it quickly after the demon manifested into me. Can you please tell me exactly what this means? Does this means that i am about to overcome something huge? Or does it mean something else. It's really nerve-racking.

  8. Hi Joanne.. I see mirror numbers on my phone all the time. The battery and time shown mirror each other with one/two numbers in between, for example. 71% 4:71, 12% 6:21, and also this kind sometimes 62% 6:24. How do I make sense of this? I usually take the first two digits and check your blog :) Please guide me. Thanks a ton for the amazing work you do! Keeps motivating me all the time.

  9. i see numbers in my mind all the time not just when my eyes are open when my eyes are closed, they appear in different ways like when this number 71 keeps on appearing in my mind when my eyes are closed its like the number is on fire and its far away but it gets closer and closer and the number gets brighter and brighter until its right square bang in the middle of my third eye and it just stays there glowing at me

  10. Immensely blessed and grateful!!!
    I see 77 every single day , without a miss for over 2 years now.
    Besides 17 or 1717 or 777 or 7177 ot any combination that includes 1 and 7.
    Thank you Angels for constantly reassuring and reminding me that I am indeed on the right path.
    I feel it with my whole being,however your reminders are beyond helpful and much needed.
    Joanne, you are an Angel to us all!
    You are an inspiration to me & I am sure for many.
    True you and your Sacred Scribes i rediscovered the lost me, my strong internal voice !!! Sending much blessings,health,love, peace and Light to you , family and all !!!

  11. As i see the number 71 appears very random but not a random way actually. Ive called the shipment agency and they told me according the data my door number is 71 and the package will be delivered today. Well my door number is not 71 lol.thank you Angel's and I love this blog

  12. Amen thank you Abba Father thank you angels