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Number 35 is made up of the attributes of the number 3 and the vibrations of number 5. Number 3 resonates with the vibrations of joy and optimism, inspiration and enthusiasm, expansion and growth, self-expression and communication. Number 3 also relates to the Ascended Masters, who help you to find peace, clarity and love within and to focus on the Divine spark within yourself and others. They also assist with manifesting your desires. Number 5 brings its qualities of personal freedom, making important life choices and changes, life lessons learned through experience, variety, adaptability and versatility, resourcefulness, motivation, progress and auspicious opportunities. The number 35 is a number of motivation, creativity and imagination, adventure, vision and opportunity.

Angel Number 35 is a message from the angels that positive life changes are ahead of you, and your passions and life purpose may come into question and/or review.  

Angel Number 35 suggests that the Ascended Masters are with you and will assist and guide you through the important changes.

Angel Number 35 tells you to trust that once these positive changes take affect you will find that many new opportunities will present themselves for you to take advantage of. Know that these changes will be of long-term benefit to you and are in alignment with your life purpose and soul mission. Call upon the angels and Ascended Masters to guide and assist you.

Angel Number 35 also tells you to rely upon your communicative and creative skills and abilities and allow yourself to keep an open mind and an open heart as to the 
changes currently taking place in your life. Trust that your highest ideals and desires may manifest as a result.

Number 35 also relates to the number 8 (3+5=8) and Angel Number 8.

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  1. Thank you Joanne,love prosperity and abundance to all!! I love my angels and the universe,and i can't forget my ASCENDED MASTERS as well!!!!!!!!

  2. Hello Joanne ! Im going to tough moments since 2 years. But your website helped me a lot. Thank you for your sincerity and devotion.

    I would like to have more information about the meaning of : "your passions and life purpose may come into question and/or review."

    My life is changing a lot and it can be very hard but I keep believing that God is taking care of me. With all my love ;-)


    1. One thing I've learned is best for me, as I also have had two years of nonstop devastation, is to capture the feelings that the angel number descriptions give rather than analyze each word. I could be wrong but in another post I think Joanne mentions to apply them as they work in your life, rather than looking to them as an omen or instruction, I see them as a confirmations I have a purpose and that its still not fulfilled. I, am not the te to put in the effort to buy a gun or anything drastic. However, many nights over these years in my tears in my prayers I have begged to die. In the two years I have lost every single relationship I've had throughout my 30+ years in life. The thing is I'm still in love with one of them, and i have the bad habit of first thinking of him when I read the descriptions. I'm going to try something different and be the one to put myself out there first. Not today or tomorrow but soon. So the open mind part freaked me out I have a creator way to tell him and one that uses communication through a common interest so I know I will be able to relate it correctly instead of messing up every word I say. That's when I have to step back. Remind myself I'm hella awesome simply by surviving these two years without help from friends or family. I'll live if it doesn't go how I want. I know my life isn't entirely up to me, since I can not change others minds. However that doesn't mean I don't need to put my foot I. The door, and express my love

    2. Maybe that you'll find something that fits even better?

    3. I am so grateful for you, PK. You are hella awesome for surviving! Also, reminding you with love that endings only mean new beginnings. I feel for you losing so much/many. What will you fill the empty space with though? (Isn't that awesome? I read that online. Danielle Laporte, I think.) I've got lots of empty space..some I like to leave empty, others piles of money : ) others His choice.
      I wish I could give you more clear words. Sending you so much love, from one sister to another: you are so much stronger than you know, stronger than you see. Keep moving forward and shining your beautiful, strong, courageous light. Hoping this reaches you in the spirit it was intended, and that I'm not out of line. I see you on here a lot and you're hella comfort to me :D

    4. DITTOE! I could not have said it better myself. "PK" is a whole lot of "Hella Awesome"! Grateful for "PK's" bravery, the shining light "PK" shares and being the inspirational you..."PK". Namaste! Your mention of 'Danielle Laporte' coincidence my Angels & the Universe:D -Love & light to you both...and all! :)

    5. can you contact me
      it's what you wrote..

  3. Thank you with all my heart, Joanne! <3

  4. Help please. What does that mean " your life purpose may come into question and/or review "

  5. i have been having a series of 35 especially when looking at the time .its always ends with a :35,that scared me and i was confused until a friend of mine told me about this.m at ease and happy that all is about to get rosy and promising same as the bibilical meaningof it .i am grateful

  6. For those who are contemplating suicide for a love relationship ending.
    Heart break is Death while you breathe, and thats how suicide enters the equation for many people living each day in unbearable pain,the solution is before you share your feelings and life for that 1 particular person, is for you to have that relationship with your self first. Learn to love yourself first and spoil yourself with compliments for egs" I am worthy, I am Kind, I am generous, I am loved,I am loving,I am beautiful inside and out, I am strong, I am here and will remain here to be the best I can be for myself and for others" Now when a relationship ends, it could be a work, personal, family, love, friendship etc any type of relationship, you know you were worthy and strong to your convictions and so that armour you built will protect you from any harm. Now stop crying and thinking the worst senarios and put on that armour and wear it with pride and do wonderful things for yourself and others. ENJOY life.

    1. You are so right. Thank you for these words. I like the idea of armour, but on my journey I'm trying to embrace vulnerability. My armour protects me from the good and bad. So I'm trying to shed my layers. Get to my real self. Flaws and all.

  7. Thank you Joanne,
    Love, peace,joy, abundance and prosperity to you always...

  8. Thank you so much 💗 and I know positive changes are opportunities are open for me. I’m so bless 😌 These changes are for good and I must be open minded and optimistic :) I trust my angels and my higher self. May love and light be with you ❤️