Repeating Angel Numbers - 4's and 7's (4477, 7744, 4747, 7474 etc)

The message of the 4 and 7 combinations is that you are to be congratulated for your hard work and efforts.  Your angels say, "Keep up the great work!" Keep your thoughts focused as they are having a positive effect in your life, and will continue to do so.

Your angels are always communicating with you, so listen to your intuition follow it’s guidance.

* More information about NUMEROLOGY and all the meanings, vibrations, energies and attributes of the NUMBERS.


  1. A message yet again, almost every week.
    How do these angels know how to communicate so distinctively and leaving no doubt about authenticity,is a great wonder.

  2. Potent information. Very powerful and TRUE.

  3. My car milage today when I changed my oil was 47474.

  4. When my wife and I received our receipt at Royal Chocolate it was for $47.47. We have recently been listening to Abraham (www.abraham-Hicks.com) I take this as a sign we are on the right path and in the vortex.

  5. Saw 2 car number plates with 4477