Friday, October 22, 2010

Repeating Angel Numbers - 8's and 7's (8877, 8787, 88877 etc)

If you have been feeling that some part of your life is ending, such as a relationship or job, then the 8’s and 7’s  number combination is validation that your feelings are correct.

This number combination heralds positive news about forthcoming changes involving the completion of an intense situation or circumstance.  Things will begin to flow more easily in your life from this point forward.


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  1. Wow Joannne, you are a wonderful being. Thanks for all your help and positive information about our divine Universe of Light, LOVE and Vibration

  2. That's great information. My Pastor friend had a dream about 8787. $87.87 she's now going to give a church program called the harvest featuring 8787 she's asking the people to sell $87.87 I'm one of the guest speakers on November I think its the 20th 2015

  3. Thank you so much Joanne for all of your hard work interpreting all of these numbers and giving their meaning to everyone. I have been using your website for a long time and I truly believe that the angels use these numbers to communicate with us. So far the numbers haven't steered me wrong and have been remarkably accurate in my life. THANK YOU Joanne!

  4. Well, I asked if I was to be fired at work, which sounds horrible, but I welcome this ending. Time to move on.

    1. Sadly, I do as well. I do not want to sound unappreciative for having a job, but it's due time to move on.

  5. My birthday is 8877 .. What's that mean?