Friday, October 22, 2010

Repeating Angel Numbers - 7's and 8's (7788, 7878, 77788 etc)

If you have been feeling that some part of your life is ending, such as a relationship or job, then this number combination is validation that your feelings are correct.  Take it as forewarning and prepare yourself for the changes to come.

The 7 and 8 number combination heralds positive news about forthcoming positive changes involving the completion or ending of an intense situation.  Things will begin to flow more easily in your life from now on.  This may be on a monetary and financial level.



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  1. Please suggest something 7877 and 420. I see 7877 very ofter from last two years and now 420. I feel like everything means something, any random event, image combination everything a moment. When I see someone having coffee and sunlight or as a matter of fact anything I feel everything means something, all situations, the way my room is all scattered things, when by mistake coins fell on the floor, their geometry, every minor detail I can write so much about it about anything but I feel like I am missing something, like there is one language I am trying to discover through which I can communicate with even non living things. I am getting crazy. I had two breakups and in both time I saw something in my dream and I was very scared and it happened. This time the girl says no a strict no for marriage she stopped talking to me, but still I see positive signs. Am I hallucinating, or just making things in my mind that things will be okay this time. I always have bad dreams full of creepy crawlies snakes lizards, in my dreams a huge black anaconda did something to me last time and I got scared that fear was so intense that I woke up 2 years back, later my love broke up with me. like wise I saw weird things. When I slept I felt like I am surrounded by huge black snakes. I made it a habit as it kept coming, like my bed is in the grip of it laying around my bed. But recently I saw a Banyan tree it was very calming soothing shighing very bright in early morning time like the sun is just started to rise but this gold tree's leaf shining too bright. It was so good that I felt energetic whole day and its all good. The problem is that the girl I love is gone, she has got engaged but still I have hope why? If I trust the things I see than she is coming back to me. If I become practical than there is no hope. If I listen to my heart than its blank, sometimes it bursts into tears, anger, scared and whole lot of other emotions. It just DO NOT want to loose her.
    Sometimes I feel like I am the only person alive and rest all r dead or sleeping I cry out loud, shout but no one listens. like in the pond full of fishes if you shout also nothing will happen you will see them and they will not see you hear you or perceive you.
    I want to say a lot but can you please tell me for now as what is the meaning of number 7877 and 420 in exact sequence.
    Whatever events I read I feel like things will be fine but I just cannot ignore the fact that she is engaged now and soon will be married.
    Help me... I need her... She knows it all but just do not admit it. We were awesome friends than suddenly this happened and we stopped talking even and now no matter what I do she never responds. I want her to see me. You know recently after having that Banyan tree dream I went to a temple while coming from office where we both used to go. In the night two halogens were placed on the Banyan tree earlier I did not notice but later when I saw up that tree reminded me of my dream. What is going on. I am loosing my mind. Right now also I am looking at the electricity bill which reflect exactly amount 420. What is the meaning of all this please help. I am in dire need.

    1. Hi C. Vinod,
      I realize that it's been more than a year since your comment but I still wanted to tell you what I think of your experiences about the numbers and dreams with snakes.

      I hope this helps.

      Your hightened senses and your dreams are most likely informing you that you have just experienced a Kundalini awakening. Snakes in dreams represent the Kundalini energy and when we experience a spiritual awakening our 6th sense is greatly amplified.
      However, our chakras start purging all the accumulated negative energy and we suffer mood swings and anxiety.

      We do regain balance eventually.

      It's all about getting to know your whole Self (spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric,physical).

      You can do more research on this if it resonates... So I'll leave it at that.


    2. Good interpretation, Ayça.

      I would like an update about this stuff, Vinod. I'm going through something similar. It would be nice to communicate. There's no way to contact you through BlogSpot even though you have a profile.

  2. I constantly feel like what is going to happen why I have that feeling all the time?
    Please help.

  3. I was seeing 420 a lot, and finally I accepted it as meaning "grass".... well, my foster mom's last name is PenderGRASS. So then I figured it out that it was her showing up as my spirit guide. Awesome.

  4. I was born 7/7/88. I constantly see the numbers 7, 77, 3777, 1377, & 777

    1. i was born 7/8/78 lets connect. my facebook is

  5. Arundhati AuroraSaturday, April 08, 2017

    I am so fascinated and in awe of your readings! They are so on point. Thank you for giving these out, and establishing a communication link with my angels :) Much blessings xx