Friday, October 22, 2010

Repeating Angel Numbers - 8's and 4's (8844, 8484, 88844 etc)

The message of the 8 and 4 combination is that an important phase of your life is about to end.  Your angels want you to know that as things change they are helping to guide you to a new situation better suited to your needs, desires and soul purpose. 

This may be pertaining to a work/income issue or situation. You will be glad for the outcome.

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  1. i really do hope is work/income. Ive been craving a change and not knowing in which direction to go!

  2. It really should pertain to income. I deserve so much for what I’ve done. Yet I did it for free to prove that somebody like me exists. The thing is, I have kids and I’m not dead. I need money to support us. And if I have to live on planet Earth; I might as well enjoy the abundance everyone is so quick to refer to.