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Number 38 is made up of a combination of attributes of the number 3 and number 8. Number 3 relates to the vibrations of inspiration and creativity, self-expression and communication, growth, expansion and the principles of increase, spontaneity, encouragement and assistance and manifesting your desires. Number 3 also resonates with the energies of the Ascended Masters, and indicates that the Ascended Masters are with you, assisting when asked. The Ascended Masters help you to focus on the Divine spark within yourself and others, and assist with manifesting your desired results. They help you to find peace, clarity and love within. Number 8 adds its energies of successfully manifesting wealth and abundance, self-confidence and dependability, truth and integrity, inner-wisdom, self-reliance and achieving success, karma and the Universal Spiritual Law of Karma. The attributes and energies of these two numbers combined makes 38 a number of optimism and joy, coupled with expansion, courage, material abundance and reality.
Angel Number 38 brings a message from your angels and the Ascended Masters that you are to keep going on your present path as you are nearing success and there are wonderful rewards to be reaped. Increased abundance is on its way into your life soon.

Angel Number 38 suggests that you keep listening to your inner-wisdom and angelic guidance and take positive action as directed. The angels and Ascended Masters are helping you to manifest abundance and prosperity into your life, and you are reminded that as with the law of ‘giving and receiving’ when you have plenty, you have plenty to share with others.

Angel Number 38 is a sign that your connection with the angelic and spiritual realms, as well as your positive actions, prayers and positive affirmations has opened you to the flow of infinite abundance.  Be grateful for your blessings and share them lovingly with others.

Number 38 also relates to the karmic number 11 (3+8=11) and the Angel Number 11.

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  1. Saw x:38:38 on the clock. Then I said to myself, "If I see 38 again soon I will think it is something." As if on cue, I saw it again.

    Then I arrived on this site to find 38 thousand views!


    1. Wow! All minds are joined. I have done the same thing. I have seen 38 three times within a few moments. Then I said, "If I see it again it is significant." A moment later it appeared.

      It is now 8:38 on the clock!

      Last night I wondered what time it was. I tried to 'feel' what the last digit was and no feeling suffused over me. Then I 'felt' 8. I looked at the clock, and it was 3:08!

  2. Why this number 38 is following me?
    And why I always see the numbers 1307??

  3. Hello,

    This number of 38 has been following me for a long time now.
    Clocks, television, internet, ect. I wonder what it means and what I can do about it.
    If anyone knows something specific, that would be nice. Thanks!

    Sincerely, Anonymous38


  5. Yes thank you!

  6. This is why life is so good. Thank you :)

  7. I have a bit of a more personal connection to this number. I play football for my school I am in high school and my number on the team was 38. This season (like most of them) wasn't all that fun for me. I did not play a lot and I was looked at as the weakest link sometimes. After the state game eneded (we won) I see the number all the time. My number of voicemails, number of text messages (afer 1 or 2 hundred ex: 238), number of notifications, time on the clock, the last two numbers on a tattoo my mom asked a lady to take a picture of.. I could go on. It literally haunts me! I can't find the answer and it's bugging me.

  8. I also see it evvveeeerrryyywhere, everyday almost hourly!!!

  9. My mom brought 38 directly over a voicemail, saying that, she was at church and her Pastor was preaching and he keep saying 38 constantly,she couldn't stop thinking about me. So, i use my inner wisdom and search for that number, somehow i felt the connection... i played the voice note several times. angle do speaks to you in various ways and i believe that the angle was giving me a signal there... I been through a lot, but i try my best to keep an opened positive mind to get towards what i deserve..

  10. been now few months I see these numbers 7,33,23,35,37,17,38. the first they appear was in the sky. then on writing and drawing and one day they appear in my bedroom wall. I didn't know what that mean, then one of my friend told me, she read somewhere when the number appear like that mean the person is connecting to the universe energy. so today I decide to looking for the meaning of these numbers...

  11. 8-13-2016 @ 6:06 p.m.; 38 minutes upon noticing this Cancer's last nod, and I just feel this massive draw to not only her, not only these numerals or their "meanings", but mostly to some GIANT upcoming moment that seems imminent to some unknown Now that I can't shake myself from. This sensation is wonderful!

  12. Thank Universe <3

    From Eritrean Lady.

  13. Thank You To All Universe <3
    Thank You My Angels <3

    From Eritrean Lady.

  14. Thank you, Joanne! You are so kind! Happy New Year 2017! May it bring you joy, health, abundance and fullfillment! <3

  15. Not just some joke......This number has been with me everyday since I had an outer body experience 7 years ago.. i felt that falling feeling an then i saw myself laying there unconcious on the ground, my arms an legs moved accordingly to the falling but I wasn't moving on the ground which I could see clearly. That initial falling feeling was the most heartbreaking realization id ever felt been ripped out of me all at once, it was instant an too see that i was hovering in complete never ending whiteness about 3m above my body and I still hadn't woken I knew I was dead, a mans voice then said "it's not your time yet go back" all i remember from there was I then arose/sat up but couldn't hear speak or move for a good minute all I could do was move my eyes. I kept that to myself for over 5 years wondering how to deal with it an this number has made its presents quiet obvious ever since and every day here there an everywhere. True shit, someone explain please

  16. The number 38 also follows me. I could never figure out why! I met my fiance about 8 months ago. He builds and owns several older cars. 2 of the 3 have the tag number 38 on them. I also see it a lot on license plates. I will catch it out of the corner of my eye and have always wondered why. I used to be afraid of it thinking that it was a bad sign, but now I know it's my angel number.

  17. I woke up this morning and I looked on my fridge., there's a magnet my sister gave me. I was so half asleep. I've had it for years. For some reason at a glance I see the number 38 on it. It's actually a cartoon of 2 sisters side by side with no numbers on it. Then I'm playing my mystery game and the number 38 pops up again out of nowhere. I had to look it up to see what it meant. Sure enough... I see that the law of attraction is in my favor. THANK YOU! I will continue to manifest my desires. I'm forever greatful to the universe.

  18. I've been seeing 38 also myself then I was led by the holy spirit to read John chp.5 about the healing of an invalid who had an infirmity for 38 years and was awe struck!! Thankyou Jesus I love you forever and always... sincerely Matthew Moore b,ham,al

  19. It all started with this number!! I realised that I was seeing it everywhere & every hour. So started taking notice. It still appears several times a day but I have noticed other numbers will repeat for the day and I interpret that as a message from my angels and I try my best to alter my actions in accordance. I believe that great changes are coming to my life and my angels are communicating this to me through these numbers. I truly believe!

  20. You wrote everything happening to me literally, I do believe

  21. I noticed that 38 is following me on my business opening day, I made a fun things so each person take a number before he enter and keep it with him till the end of the party there was a raffle and I will choose some numbers, anyway
    I decided to my audience by choosing a number like them, and I got 38
    Then I moved to choose number from the raffle plate and I also got 38, the audience were chocked and surprised about that coincidence.
    From that day I daily see this number every where I go and every hour. Day after day I noticed that another numbers are following me too like 37, 28, 1133, 58

    I'm very blessed that I'm receiving signs in this universe and I'm searching for the meaning and truth :)
    It's really interesting guts

  22. Amen !!! ♡♡♡
    Immensely blessed and grateful ,now and always !!!♡♡♡
    Thank you Joanne,you are our Angel on Earth & I love you !!!♡♡♡
    This platform you have created helps so many people !!!I bow in gratitude !!!♡♡♡
    Love,peace,light and blessings to All!!!♡♡♡

  23. Grateful for every reminder!!!❤👊💥💫Amen!!!❤