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Number 74 is a blend of the vibrations and energies of the numbers 7 and 4. Number 7 resonates with the attributes of mysticism, psychic abilities, secrets and knowledge, spiritual awakening and development, good fortune, inner-wisdom, consideration, philosophy, inner-knowing and introspection, following your Divine soul purpose, persistence of purpose and spiritual enlightenment. Number 4 brings its energies effort and will, determination and responsibility, building solid foundations, working diligently towards goals, structure, economy and determination, honesty and integrity. Number 4 also tells of achieving success and reaping the rewards for work well done and resonates with the energies of the Archangels.

Angel Number 74 is a message from your angels that you are on the right path in every way in your life. You have been achieving a great deal and are successfully serving your Divine soul mission. Call upon the angels for assistance and guidance whenever you feel the need and trust that you are being supported, loved and guided by the angels.

Angel Number 74 indicates that your connection with the angels and your strong intuition has allowed for you to receive precise Divine guidance, and in turn you have taken the appropriate actions in your life. Your angels offer you their ‘congratulations’ and urge you to continue on your current life path.

Angel Number 74 tells you to "keep up the great work!" Keep your thoughts positive and focused as they are having wonderful effects in your life. Your intuition has been strong and you have used your inner-knowing and inner-wisdom constructively and productively. Well done!

Number 74 also relates to the karmic number 11 (7+4=11) and Angel Number 11.  At a lower vibration, number 74 also relates to number 2 (7+4=11, 1+1=2) and Angel Number 2.

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  1. Sachin Tendulkar scored 74 in his 200th and last test's First Innings

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  3. Ohh my gracious, I was wondering why I have been seeing 74. This makes a lot of since. Its hard not knowing if your phychic or clairvoyant, but knowing you have a gift from god is an awsome thing, and its hard sometimes when I see numbers and they keep reappearing but cannot understand why. Thank you so, so much, God bless you and thank you again. ♥brit

    1. "John Hancock... HERBIE Hancock." -Chris Farley ... bless his soul, rest in peace brother Chris.
      I use this site multiple times a day usually. I believe Christos Joshua has allowed this medium of conveyance for myself(as well as animal sightings, like the fox i saw tonight trotting past right as i opened the door to my apartment building.) My sister told me about angel numbers one night after i was driving 44MPH with a digital spedometer, and my odometer hit 144,444.4 at the same time; i even got a picture of it. I told her about it and her jaw dropped cuz she had been getting lots of 44s; she then proceeded to tell me about angel numbers so i searched it on the web and found this awesome site. That was a great posotive growing experience living with her at her #1400 trailer home, for her and myself alike. THANK YOU JO ANNE!

  4. This is so wonderful! I'm in my car and my car thermostat said it was in the high 30's. Later I parked y car before going to an appointment and it read 74?? Wouldn't be the craziest thing as we can get a warm front that moves in. I get back in my appointment EVER..look at the thermostat and it reads 47. I know for a fact it said 74.. Almost made a comment about how it went from 39 this morning to 74 in the late afternoon! Ha glad I didn't! It lead me to look up the meaning....I really needed that!!

    1. Omg that why i so lucky never lose and strong anf smart i see this number every day . first i think is boring number then idk is lucky omg

  5. Now almost 6 hears i have been seening this number.. ik new it meant something... and now i know... thank you so much!..

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    1. Really? Why? This is my Destiny/Expression number in Numerology and it's a super tough, difficult number and energy to deal with. :(

  7. Awesome message !!! Thank you Angels and thank you so much Joanne for your hard work and dedication!!!
    You have created a truly magic space available for everyone at a touch of a button !!! I love you !!!
    Stay blessed people ,as we all are !!!
    Stay positive and strong and adamant !!!
    Always and forever grateful !!! ♡♡♡ Love,health,peace and Light to All!!!♡♡♡

  8. Gratefully blessed! So much love, light & blessings to all....and most gracious to you Joanne for all that you give, guide & share with the world! Your positive, divine & holy being has & will greatly & most positively impact the world forever & Ever! May God continue to bless you and your loved ones, always.
    Love, light & blessings! <3

  9. I am getting hit w the number up to 3 or times a dayy anyone w more information add me on fb

  10. I saw this number in an extremely pivotal moment in my life. I was doubting myself in every way. My goals feel unreachable and they sound impossible to anyone who hears them. So i started repeating my goals out loud to myself, again and again. A few minutes later i look over and see 74 super big to the right of me. I see 12 every time i doubt myself as well. Numerology is INCREDIBLE. My goal has been set for August 20th 2018 so i will comment on this post when that time comes to FURTHER prove the legitimacy of numerology to anyone who is doubtful. Feel free to email me @