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Number 838 is a combinations of the attributes of number 8 and number 3, with number 8 appearing twice, amplifying its powerful influences. Number 8 relates to self-confidence and personal authority, discernment, higher wisdom, achievement and successes, practicality, consideration, giving and receiving, and serving humanity. Number 8 is also the number of karma; the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect. Number 3 resonates with joy, growth and expansion, spontaneity and joy, manifesting and manifestation, optimism and enthusiasm, being brave, creativity and self-expression, sociability and communication. Number 3 also relates to the energies of the Ascended Masters.       

Angel Number 838 is a message from the angels to keep going along on your current path. They are sending you a boost of energy at this time to assist you in keeping up the momentum.

Angel Number 838 encourages you to realize and recognize your own powerful energies and use your strengths in ways that will enhance your life and advance you along your path. Stay true to yourself, your beliefs and your goals and aspirations and look to ways to uplift and enlighten both yourself and others along the way.

Angel Number 838 suggests that the Ascended Masters and your angels connect with your spirituality and inner-wisdom in order to give you guidance, support and love along your path. 

Angel Number 838 encourages you to use your creativity in a constructive and productive manner, and use your skills and talents to work towards and achieve your heart’s desires. Step into your own personal power and bring forth the talents and gifts that you have been bestowed with and trust that you will find success in your chosen endeavours.

Number 838 relates to number 1 (8+3+8=19, 1+9=10, 1+0=1) and Angel Number 1.

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  1. The Numerology series concentrates on nine creatives, all of whom are active within their industries, passionately striving to produce better work, influencing the industry in their very own way. Calculator

  2. I see this number when I go to a fast food and the total $8.38... I see this number when suddenly the pump at the gas station stops at 8.38... I see it while driving... the car in front of me has a license plate with 838... I see the time on my watch or any watch... and it is 8:38am or pm...I am downloading a file on the computer and the file is 8.38MB or 838MB or 8.38GB... I find myself reading something on the web or a book and I am on page 838... an app on my android phone or table crashes and I magically get error 838... I am watching a movie and I see 8:38 or 838 in a scene somehow... I can write here for days... and you will not believe on how many forms and ways I see 838 on my daily life for the past 3 years or so...

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    2. I have similar experience for so many years. I feel that there is more to know.

  3. I'm drafting up legal business contracts, and I get this number! I love how supportive the universe and my guides are of me accomplishing my business tasks that will secure prosperity and abundance in my future! ;)

  4. yes, I have the same experience with the number 838, 38, 83, 3888. My birthday is also 8/30

  5. Yes, I have similar experience with the numbers 838, 883, 38, 83, and 3888. My birthday is also 8/30

  6. I made a great leap living abroad as a volunteer. This comes as a welcome pat on the back. Thank you.

  7. 838 is every where for me. my email address ends in 838, I love seeing this number. love my angels. tiger838

  8. I was high on meth and was researching many occult subjects. i created a tab called 838 and it is now filled with numerous articals about real life issues and theories. this number is very powerful and correlates with many topics. look it up on Gematria calculator.

  9. I dreamed of the number 838 last night, how it could be inverted and was an "impossible" number. Does anyone know what this could mean?

  10. Could be this number possibly has meaning of love?

  11. Thank you Joanne!!!Light and Love your way!!! ♡♡♡

  12. Awaken !!! What an awesome message !!!
    Thank you Angels and thank you Joanne !!!
    Grateful always !!!
    Stay blessed people !!!
    Love and Light to all !!! ♡♡♡