Number 898 is a blend of the vibrations and energies of the numbers 8 and 9, with the number 8 appearing twice, doubling its powerful influences.  Number 8 brings its attributes of finding success, dependability, true justice, inner-wisdom, manifesting wealth, prosperity and abundance, and Karma – the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect.  Number 9 adds its qualities of Universal Spiritual Laws, compassion, benevolence and generosity, leading life as a positive example, service to humanity and lightworking.  Number 9 also relates to endings and conclusions.  

Angel Number 899 is a message to begin a spiritual practice and/or a spiritually based career, knowing that you are serving your soul purpose as a ‘Lightworker’.  Trust that you will be fully supported by the angelic and spiritual realms as you fulfil your destiny.

Angel Number 899 is a message to live your life as a positive example to other in order to illuminate the path for others to follow.  

Angel Number 899 also signifies that a significant phase in your life has come to an end, or is reaching closure.  Other related and unrelated situation, circumstance and/or issues will also draw to a close as a result.  Look upon theses endings in a positive light.

Angel Number 899 is a message from your angels that you are going through a chain of events where many parts of your life are slowing and stopping.  This is happening for reasons which will become evident to you soon.


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  1. I needed to read this I have been seeing this for the past few days and I have a strong feeling that my current job will end, my unhealthy ways have also ended and I am leading a healthy lifestyle. I have also rid my life of toxic people and situations. I had a reading and my guides and angels told me that I will be going back to university to study nutrition to begin my soul mission as a light worker helping people through holisitic nutrition. It is scary and exciting at the same time and I feel very positive about my future!

  2. I also needed to read this. I'm yearning for a healthier lifestyle and I've already taken the measure to make my life more healthy. I'm also going to be moving from Washington state to either Jamaica or Los Angeles. Can't wait to see where my life goes! thank Joanne!

  3. My core numbers are 899......never been into numerology or anything really. .so reading 8 life path 9 soul urge 9 perception articles freaked me out as i felt like reading my biography...
    its great feeling to know ur purpose in live:)