Number 922 is a combination of the energies and vibrations of the numbers 9 and 2, with the number 2 appearing twice, magnifying its influences.  Number 9 brings its attributes of inner-wisdom, serving humanity as a Lightworker, generosity and compassion, leadership and leading by positive example, Universal Spiritual Laws, endings and conclusions.  Number 2 adds its influences of faith and trust, intuition and inner-wisdom, balance and harmony, encouragement, support, happiness and Divine life mission.  The double 2’s also resonate with the Master Number 22, bringing its attributes of dreams made manifest, ancient wisdom, realization, force of nature, evolution, Universal Love, retribution, redemption, personal power, charisma, service, idealism, Universal transformation, philanthropy, common sense and practicality.  The number 922 is a powerfully spiritual number that resonates with your purpose on the Earthplane.

Angel Number 922 is a message from the angels that you are being supported and guided as it is now an important time of manifestation.  Keep your thoughts on your highest spiritual goals and aspirations in order to manifest all that you require along your path.  

Angel Number 922 asks you to maintain faith and trust in yourself and the Universal Energies as you fulfil your Divine life mission and soul purpose.

The repeating number 922 also suggests that if you have misplaced or ‘lost’ something in your life recently, the Universe is manifesting something ‘better’ to replace it with.


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  1. Hello I've been reading your numbers meanings for some time now trying to understand some things in life I just have a question why do you refer to the angels but to rely on yourself and not on God ? Or don't mention God or Jesus Christ?

    1. There is a God , the point is that angels are sent to serve us humans to remind us of our spiritual side , that this is only our physical world for now , until it'll be time for some of us to leave this earth so learn how to not get attach to this physical world or else you will never wake up , angels show us the light and guide us to our soul mission on this earth to remind all of us that we all are spiritual beings with a physical vesceau and all the answers are within us to just ask and they will show us the way , that's how they communicate with us through those frequencies so listen carefully cause you've ask for answers by praying . Angels can't help you even if they really wanted to do so if they weren't invited into your life so make sure to stay positive , its your own army and your ascenders masters all together who fights on your side every day in the spiritual world we all come from , if they weren't there to protect and love us humans and show us how to love each other , we all would of had been lost by now each of one of us , so we have to carefully listen to thier messages as they are communicating to us how to be prepare for Christ return as we get closer into the end of times , all the signs are around us we just have to see them spiritually not physically .

    2. Thank you for that answer and question sychnocity as I was just thinking it as I read the page... Peace be with you

  2. Good question nikkija.Though I like this positive page.

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  4. Hello everyone....when we let go of the old...something better comes in.Do you think it is possible that like me I let go of rejecting a lover within me...and then I let go of rejecting and start to get ready for the ideal lover of my soul to come in.Is there always that special someone out there for us?I love him like he's an aspect of my soul.