Number 909 is the combination of the vibrations and energies of the number 9 and number 0.  Number 9 brings its attributes of inner-wisdom and intuition, philanthropy, optimism, endings, Divine wisdom, Universal Spiritual Laws and Lightworking, leadership and humanitarianism.  The number 0 carries the energies of the ‘God force’ and its vibrations enhance and multiply the attributes of the number it appears with;  in this case, the number 9.  This makes number 909 a powerful, life changing number.

Angel Number 909 suggests that your angels are telling you that eventhough a part of your life has been altered, halted or changed, things will ultimately turn out for the best, like a 'blessing in disguise'.

The Angel Number 909 is a message from your angels that the Universal source fully supports your life purpose and soul mission.  Listen to your intuition as your angels are constantly with you and you can turn to them for Divine guidance and support whenever you feel the need.

The repeating Angel Number 909 is a message from your angels that you are to follow your gut instincts and passions and live your Divine purpose, and keep shining your light.



NUMEROLOGY  -  The Vibration and Meaning of Numbers

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  1. woww! U just made my day...joane! Its an answer 2 my question! thank u! :)

  2. Thank you... for all the beautiful messages.

  3. I felt that there was a meaning, and I'm glad I found this post, Thank you!!! Things are becoming more clear now, AMEN!!!

  4. Thank you all plus my beloved angles. pce & love

  5. Thank you Joanne, a friend led me to your site after I starting seeing repeating numbers. I was also smelling cigarette smoke, which made me think of my mom a heavy smoker. I hadn't seen her in 25 years, after she remarried. Two weeks later I received a call that she was on a respirator in the hospital. I saw her for the last time before she passed. Since then she has visited me many times and at times in a dramatic fashion, (leaving a mothers day card my daughter made me years earlier along with her funeral announcements on the floor besides my bed).

    Also my mother was a victim of domestic violence which we had investigated after she passed.
    Thank you for providing me with the information that I needed to recognize that my mother needed me and to go to her before she passed.

  6. Most of the time I look at the clock on my phone I see repititive numbers like 1.11 1717 1010 0909 222 4.44...but I am a simple housewife whose only purpose is to look after my home and child...I am not doing any other work so what could these repititive numbera mean for me??

  7. A 'simple housewife' ...
    There is nothing simple about being a housewife ... and there is great honour (in fact one of the highest honours) to be responsible for the care, nurturing and raising of a child. Your purpose therefore is to raise your child to the best of your abilities, love and take care of your home and family ... and in doing so, setting positive examples for all around you, and spreading pure love in what you do.

    Sounds like a pretty important purpose and work to me ... and the angels encourage and support you.



  8. Hello Joanne,
    My name is Bernard and I'm a college student in my last semester. I honestly never cared to go to college. Lately I've seen a lot of signs: 11:11 12:12 12:21 13:31 15:15 16:16 21:12 00:00. I will see all these numbers and then come to your site. Right now I'm living on a friend's couch while I finish the semester. Money problems are coming at me left and right. My birthday is 03/06/1990 so I'm an 28/10 & I'm constantly trying to find out how to overcome these situations and what are my angels telling me. I love writing, math helping others, I feel so strong but I'm so confused. Any advice?

  9. Also I believe I can heal others because people come to me looking for help or healing. I want to do that. I also have had people repeatedly tell me how much God has special plans for me. I have so many aspirations and I want to learn to control my universe better so I can be God' s instrument. I really want to help the world and live my life without bringing people down. I know I will be someone of significant important's to a lot of people. I though only care to help them and myself live the most abundant life possible.

    1. Hi Bernard, I pretty much know what you mean by being called since we are all called to guide others to the Light!

      Just give any fears and worries that you may feel along the way to God.

      To be on the right track concerning your soul mission is to follow your deepest passions and gut instincts they will guide you to the best live possible for you!

      A good idea is writing a list of what you are good at and what you like most and follow your heart in the carreer that correspond to those.

      I truly wish you the best in this Life and be the greatest blessing to the people that you will meet along your journey!

      Christian F.

  10. Thank you Joanne! Now I understand why I have seen good things happening in my life.

    -Forever Grateful,
    Hoa Nguyen

  11. Thank you for answering Joanne. Thank you angels.